Build It Like This, Says Virginia Beach


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Virginia Beach, VA is readying for 5G, but first, the City of Virginia Beach Planning and Community Development has just a few suggestions, or “guidelines” for prospective wireless providers. Consult the full set of design guidelines first, but here are a few things to consider before installing your small cell units along their beautiful beachfront property:

  • Trees were here first. Small cells hoping to move into the neighborhood cannot be removed or otherwise impacted by the installation of small cell infrastructure. New poles cannot be placed within 20 feel of mature trees, and implementation cannot disturb tree roots. Anything that is dug up in the process must be restored to a presentable appearance.
  • Historic buildings are not appropriate host sites, according to Virginia Beach. Small cells should be as discreet as possible, hiding in alleyways and cloaked in unobtrusive paint colors. New units must be at least five feet from driveways and should not peek out of windows. Despite all the placement restrictions, small cells should not be less than 250 feet apart, or more than 500 feet outside the coverage area of other small cells.
  • Wherever possible, small cells are encouraged to co-locate. Ideal co-location areas have been identified as third-party existing structures, police camera poles, city-owned street lights, and city parking facilities. Virginia Beach may be prepping for better broadband, but do not assemble without first reading the instructions.

December 4, 2019

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