Carnival Ship Now Equipped With 5G Connectivity


Carnival Cruise Line’s ship Carnival Jubilee is taking to the high seas with 5G onboard. Cruise Hive reported that the ship will be the first in North America to offer guests 5G mobile phone service. Carnival is partnering with Wireless Maritime Service on the initiative, which is scheduled to launch in December. Passengers can access the 5G experience on sailings in 2024. 

“Carnival Jubilee will be the fleet’s most connected ship – literally raising the connectivity bar for our guests and serving as another big step in a period of vigorous advancement of our onboard connectivity,” said Luis Terife, Vice President of Onboard Guest Commerce. 

Cruise Hive reported that the advancement sets a precedent for the rest of the Carnival fleet, which will eventually receive a 5G upgrade. However, not all carriers (like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) align their current offerings with 5G connectivity.

Carnival also completed upgrades across its 25-ship fleet, installing the infrastructure needed for SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite service. “The ongoing enhancements we’re rolling out on all of our ships, such as SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service, make it significantly easier for guests to share the memorable experiences of their cruise with friends and family,” Terife added.

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