Caught on Camera: Tower Struck by Lightning


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Florida’s not called the “lightning capital of the world” for nothing. Thousands of lightning strikes were reported Monday afternoon in Central Florida, but Bryan Hall, a professor at Full Sail University, got a great tower shot. “So it just finished raining, and the storm is moving away and I decided to take some video because the lightning was going crazy” Hall told WKMG-TV. “The lightning hit the tower over there and when i was going back through some screen shots and I found a pretty awesome frame.” Lightning striking towers is not uncommon, especially during the stormy summer season. Lightning protection for towers is required almost everywhere, according to the experts at LBA Group. “Virtually all populated regions have varying incidences of lightning strikes. There is meaningful risk worldwide over the lifetime of typical tower and antenna systems. Facilities outside of “lightning belts” should at least be minimally protected while critical infrastructure and flammable/explosive risks must be protected wherever they are. Extreme protection measures are mandatory in areas of intense lightning risk,” the company explains. Check out the full video of lightning striking the tower here.

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