5G Action Now Calls UK Huawei Stance “Deeply Troubling”


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UPDATE Mike Rogers, Chairman of 5G Action Now, criticized the United Kingdom’s decision to allow Huawei to build parts of its 5G infrastructure.

“The United Kingdom’s decision to allow Huawei to build any part, even a limited part, of the 5G network is deeply troubling,” said Rogers. “Huawei is nothing more than a well-funded arm of the People’s Republic of China and a direct extension of Beijing’s government agencies. I worry that allowing Huawei into the UK’s networks could imperil the openness of our ‘special relationship.’”

Rogers is the former Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He explained: “This scenario is exactly why 5G Action Now was started: to sound the alarm about, and raise awareness of, China’s efforts to dominate 5G for the benefit of Beijing. The United States needs to move swiftly to deploy 5G to ensure its national security and economic future, and needs to help our allies prevent China getting a foothold in their networks.”

5G Action Now was founded to establish the United States as the worldwide leader in 5G. The group supports the FCC’s goal of a 2020 C-band auction.

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