5G Myth Busters


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The same internet that broadband outreach has made available to so many people gives us access to news, education, entertainment, and a wealth of rumours about 5G that are not true. Cnet.com addresses some of the most common misconceptions about 5G and the truth behind the falsehoods. 

  • 5G is dangerous! Incorrect. The World Health Organization continues to study potential radiation concerns and has yet to cite cellphone use as a risky enterprise. The FCC continues to assert that cellphones are safe based on their studies.
  • 5G will take over everything, making 4G immediately obsolete! Incorrect. While 5G use continues to increase, 4G connections will actually work better. 5G and 4G share technology and will be able to work side-by-side. 4G is not like an 8-track player: it will continue to work with the support of 5G. 5G is not a replacement technology Cnet.com reported. 
  • Unlimited data plans will be the only option available. Maybe. Carriers respond to customer demands. When 4G was the new kid on the block, plans changed to unlimited, then changed back again to allow more plan options. Initially, 5G does appear to presented as an unlimited plan, but things change.
  • 5G means the best streaming all the time. Depends. 5G is only one piece of the equation. A 5G connection will do its part, but it will need the support of other providers, like Netflix and Hulu, to process transmissions. If another carrier operates in a 4G world, it will not magically become 5G to match the connection speed. 
  • 5G means remote surgery and self-driving cars will become the norm. Some day, maybe, but these technologies are still very new and are continually being improved and developed. A 5G connection expands the possibilities of what is available but it’s a long way from replacing human doctors and human piloted cars.
  • No more digital divide, Some day, maybe. As hopeful as carriers and legislators can be, the continuing advancement of the medium can also work against it. Those at the front of the wave will get their 5G connection and the outreach will keep rolling behind them according to Cnet.com 

September 9, 2019

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