A “Big Step Forward” for CO City Council Regarding Small Cells


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The Boulder City Council scheduled a lengthy study session with a panel to learn more about 5G technology even though no plans for a next-generation rollout are on the agenda, reported the Daily Camera. City Council decided to pursue the matter after residents voiced concerns.

 The Council discussed possible policy considerations, although federal regulations preempt local governments from regulating the placement of small cells based on environmental factors and the state further limits city actions regarding rights-of-way. According to Councilman Aaron Brockett, “We’re doing a lot. I feel like our regulatory regime here is pretty good.” 

Councilmembers discussed conducting more research into current city regulations and employing a consultant to present recommendations for improved rules, according to the Daily Camera. Regarding health concerns over small cells, Kevin Gifford, scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy program said, “There’s a lot more radiation from your phone than from the cell tower.”

 Councilman Bob Yates suggested focusing on what the Council could reasonably regulate: towers and the placement of small facilities. Mayor Suzanne Jones said the Council “took a big step forward” during Tuesday’s meeting.

July 25, 2019        

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