Allstate Combines Traditional Values With State-of-the Art Service


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Allstate Tower is OK with being called “old school.”  After all, their founding company, Pittsburg Tank & Tower, opened their doors in 1919, and remains family owned and operated to this day as The Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group – a three-company conglomerate that includes Allstate. The company has spent nearly 100 years listening to clients and evolving ahead of the industry. This foresight and willingness to adapt has solidified its presence in the telecommunication industry, both domestically and abroad.   

Recent evolutions include establishing a six-member engineering team, completing the process of becoming an AISC certified manufacturer, and equipping field crews to service broadcasters transitioning after the FCC Incentive Auction while servicing all carriers with the “fifth generation” (5G) wireless rollout. If you have the need, they can meet it.

“From engineering and manufacturing to modification and site demolition, we focus on delivering the safety, product quality and workmanship our clients have come to expect,” said Allstate’s President Keegan O’Daniel.  A case in point is a job recently completed overseas for the U.S Navy. 

The task was to repaint a lead-based 827’ guyed tower at a U.S. Navy Radar Facility in Niscemi, Italy, located on the Island of Sicily.  Sending a seven-man team, they spent several months preparing and coordinating to minimize impact of the shut down time. Nick Riley was Allstate’s Project Manager assigned to the job.

“Prior to arriving at the tower site, we conducted multiple meetings with the Government, SiteMaster and local Naval Officers to assure we had all the proper documentation and equipment to perform the job within the regulations required – OSHA, Department of Defense, and local Italian Regulations,” Riley said.

Allstate worked with the NACE Inspector, SiteMaster and government agents to come up with a more practical prep and painting application that shortened the schedule by 25 days and allowed the client to begin transmitting right away. “The NACE inspector said it was the best mitt paint job he had ever seen,” Riley said.   

Allstate received a written commendation from the Navy and concluded the project without a single safety incident or accident.  

“Our motto is: Be the best part of every project. By using this as our barometer for decision making, customer service, and job execution, I feel confident at what our next 100 years has in store,” O’Daniel concluded.  

To contact Allstate: Allstate Tower, Inc., Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, P.O. Box 25 Henderson, KY 42419,  Phone: 270-830-8512

July 12, 2017      

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