And the Beat (Down) Goes On as Petition Cites Ripon Case


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An online petition at urging readers to “protect our children” from a tower proposed by Milestone Communications in Mount Pleasant, SC, uses the now disproven Ripon School case as their primary source of outrage. The web site also allows petitioners to add their names to ten other “stop the cell tower” efforts at schools around the country. The site states: “In California, there were four children and 3 teachers that were diagnosed with cancer a year after a cell tower was installed by sprint. 

The effects are unknown so why put our children at risk?”

Your editor signed the petition (in protest) but only to leave a message:

We are taking a proactive stance on this at Inside Towers, not only pushing back in social media and other outlets where we see poor research and quack science cited as cause for alarm, but we are also preparing a research report to counter the disinformation campaign.  

The report centers on how much our industry contributes financially to schools and school districts across the U.S. Although we’re in the early stages of research, one of the “Big Three” has already given me their estimates (thanks!)… and I look forward to hearing from the other two. Sources and estimates from individual companies will be kept confidential; we are only looking for an aggregate upon which we can make an estimate of the number of towers on school property and, from that, a revenue extrapolation.

We’re calling it: “Safety, Communication, Revenue: The Tower Industry’s Impact on Schools”

I would very much like to hear from you if you have sites on school grounds. How many? (Again, it stays confidential and only gets added to the pool.) Can you estimate what you pay the school or school district? (Again with the confidentiality promise.) Send it to me directly: [email protected]. I will be happy to sign off on a confidentiality statement if that is necessary.

Jim Fryer

Managing Editor

[email protected]

610 931-7076

November 25, 2019             

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