AT&T Makin’ County FirstNet Ready


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To improve local service, AT&T plans to build several towers in the county over the next few months, reported the Macon County Times. The first build is already underway which is a 190-foot tower near an elementary school.

“We’re hoping to have service available within the next few months,” Macon County Mayor Steve Jones said.

AT&T’s move into Macon County is also part of its FirstNet initiative to provide a nationwide communications platform for first responders with the full series of towers and FirstNet locations estimated for completion between one to two years, reported the Times.

According to Ann Elsas, AT&T’s lead public relations manager for the Southeast, “In Tennessee, the FirstNet build includes two locations within Macon County, which are currently in the site acquisition process.”

The FirstNet sites built in and around the county, along with existing sites, will include a new spectrum called Band 14 that law enforcement agencies and first responders will control as well as AT&T’s commercial spectrum.

“When it’s not being consumed by FirstNet users, Band 14 can be used by regular consumers for added coverage and capacity,” AT&T Regional Director of External Affairs Alan Hill said. “First responders have priority and can preempt or even remove people from that spectrum as needed.”

April 19, 2019

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