Attorney Suit Claims Verizon “Corporate Invasion,” Potential COVID-19 Risk


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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Verizon Wireless dispatched subcontractors to build a 5G tower in an Atlanta neighborhood, reported Law360, and one resident is up in arms. Bill Kaspers, an attorney with Kaspers & Associates Law Offices LLC, claims Verizon has enacted a “corporate invasion” on his neighborhood, putting him and his elderly neighbors at risk of COVID-19 and exposing them to diseases “linked to 5G.” 

Now, Kaspers has brought a class-action lawsuit against the carrier. In the lawsuit, filed last Tuesday, Kaspers claims a Verizon subcontractor came to his door without a face mask and did not stand six-feet away from the entry point. Kaspers, 72, repeatedly asked the man to stand back and leave the neighborhood, which he refused. Kaspers called the city attorney, who dispatched a health department official to disband the Verizon crew.  

Kaspers is concerned about the health impacts the tower will have on him and neighbors. Due to several studies that have purportedly found radiation from 5G cell towers can cause cancer “and other serious and potentially permanently debilitating health conditions in people of all ages,” Kasper wrote.

The subcontractor told Kaspers that Verizon planned to dig a hole in his front yard to  install a pole for a 5G cell radio transmission unit, reported Law360. In the lawsuit, Kasper is alleging, “unlawful trespass and resulting property devaluation, unlawful taking of property and the joy and benefits of homeownership, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other claims.” 

Kasper hopes to represent between 110 to 220 individuals living in his neighborhood. He is asking a Georgia federal judge “to permanently block Verizon from installing the pole and 5G in his yard.”

Neither Kasper nor Verizon counsel were able to comment. The case is Kaspers v. Verizon Wireless Services LLC, case number 1:20-cv-02142, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. 

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