Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park Provides the Setting For a Tower Battle


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Druid Hill Park occupies 745-hilly acres near the heart of downtown Baltimore and because of its topography and its historical significance, it has become a battleground for a proposed tower site. In anticipation of the public pushback, the Baltimore Commission on Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) is delaying a public hearing on the 180-foot monopole until April, according to the Baltimore Fishbowl.

CHAP Executive Director Eric Holcomb, said they, “wanted to have more time to reach out to community groups” prior to the coming debate. 

The city stated a new tower could save them over $1 million dollars in rental fees over the next three years that they are paying at their current location on TV Hill. The city could also earn revenue from leasing additional space on the site to other carriers.

The city hired Advantage Environmental Consultants to assess the pros and cons of the site and discussed how it would serve public safety. “The need to maintain a sustainable and strong public safety communications network is essential for strengthening the City’s public safety communication network,” city officials said in a letter to CHAP.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore also weighed in, according to the Fishbowl, saying the new tower would enhance connectivity for their visitors.

Advantage Environmental Consultants put forward four options for its design:

  • Monopine, 180-feet tall (evergreen)
  • A boxy-style “marquee” option with green-painted legs and tan panels
  • A Monopine for the first 130 feet and with a 50-foot mirror extension
  • Monopole (traditional)

Opposition to all of the options came from the Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, the Fishbowl reported, who said to CHAP the tower would “disrupt the natural setting” of the historic park and added the city “has not considered the wishes of the communities surrounding the park, and did not reach out to them before submitting its plans to CHAP.  Comments? Email Us.

March 11, 2019      

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