“Ban 5G in California” Campaign Seeks to Send Governor 5,000 Signatures


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Public health risks related to 5G have long been a subject of debate, speculation, research, and advocacy efforts aimed to stop deployment and infrastructure.

Change.org, a user-driven open platform for public campaigns, currently has 19 operations seeking signatures to halt 5G. One such movement, “Stop 5G In California!”, has a goal of securing 5,000 signatures to send to Governor Gavin Newsom and 13 other state and federal decision makers demanding the ban of 5G.

According to the Change.org website, the campaign was launched last month by Corissa Furr, who labels herself on Twitter as “Host & TV Personality/Model-Actress/Truth Seeker/Animal Lover” and has secured more than 3,700 signatures. Furr’s LinkedIn profile says she has been a “Ring Girl” for “Strikeforce” and Corona Extra for the past ten years and a model for Maxim. 

“I believe that our local government, representatives, and Gov. Newsom have a very serious responsibility to make decisions with the health and well-being of the citizens of California always in mind,” said Furr. “And the fact that he is allowing the installation of 5G in all of our schools right now, with zero evidence that this technology is safe, is a disservice to all of us.”

Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist and associate professor at UC Riverside School of Medicine, supports access to 5G, “especially during the coronavirus pandemic when people are relying on internet access to work from home.”

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and The American Cancer Society both determined and provided supporting evidence that 5G technologies do not pose public health risks. According to The American Cancer Society’s website, cellular frequencies are much lower than cancer-causing radiation from x-rays, gamma rays, and UV light and do not directly damage DNA inside human cells. “Cell phone towers are not known to cause any health effects,” says the sites’ 5G FAQ.

Despite reports by both organizations citing public safety amidst 5G, The Sacramento Bee reported Joel Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, sides with Change.org petitioners. “We don’t have the evidence yet one way or another of whether it’s safe or not,” said Moskowitz.

AT&T and Verizon both have plans for expanding 5G across California. AT&T launched 5G mobile services in several California cities last year and Verizon plans to deploy 5G to 100 schools next year as part of its Innovative Learning initiative. 

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