More “Boos” Than “Oohs” For Proposed AT&T Tower


The Ramona Community Planning Group (RCPG) unanimously opposed a request by AT&T to construct a wireless facility, a decision being recommended to the San Diego County Planning Commission, reported The San Diego Union-Tribune. The proposal includes a 35-foot faux eucalyptus tree with a concrete enclosure, antennas, remote radio units, surge protectors, filters and a diesel generator.

Most attendees of the RCPG meeting opposed the project on grounds of potential fires in a windy area, losing aesthetic views, lowered property values, long-term health effects from exposure to RF radiation, noise pollution, and utility truck access on an unmaintained road, reported the Union-Tribune. Resident Lynda Spivey noted, “Locating on this site increases the fire danger for us all.” 

“It’s really easy when you have a cell tower nearby to use this as an argument for lowering the price,” said local realtor Paul Tarr. “It will lower property values near a cell tower.”

The property owners where AT&T plans to locate the facility seemed to be the only ones in favor of the project and defended their rights to place the tower on their land.

Regarding the decision, RCPG chair Dan Scherer said the group’s denial vote is only an advisory recommendation to the county and suggested residents attend the county Planning Commission meeting when it is being considered.

May 10, 2018

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