Building a Site on Mount Everest? You’re Gonna’ Need a Few Yaks


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A new 5G tower, the world’s highest, in AGL, is under construction on Mount Everest, say China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and Huawei. Backpacking yaks hauled equipment up steep mount tracks. Traveling up and back, the yaks carried eight tons of 5G gear. 

Reporting on the project, the UK Sun noted the companies picked yaks thanks to their knack for coping well in the challenging high altitude environment. CMHK announced the news of the new tower on Facebook, saying it had “successfully built more 5G base stations, including 6,500 meters above sea level on the highest peak, Mount Everest.” Huawei added that carrying tower equipment on the backs of yaks was possible largely because its technology was so compact. 

CMHK stated the 5G Mount Everest project represents, “not only another extreme challenge in a human life exclusion zone, but [it] also laid a solid foundation for the later development of 5G smart tourism and 5G communications for scientific research.” The 5G installation required almost 16 miles of tightly wrapped fiber cable to reach the 21,325 foot high stack. In total, three 5G base stations, all at similar heights, will blanket the area, which will no longer lack a strong signal. 

Engineers from each company worked together to make sure nothing was amiss with the project, which is expected to benefit both mountaineers and scientists, according to the account. The location is also uniquely qualified to help set the facts straight by determining the true height of Mount Everest.  

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