Canadian Wireless Association Releases Videos, Software


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The Structure, Tower & Antenna Council (STAC) announced the release of two new technical videos that are designed to help tower industry professionals utilize free software for their use in calculating rigging loads.

In the two videos, Bill Griswold, from the U.S. firm Griswold Tower Software, provides detailed information on preparing and using the “Rigging Template with Trolley System Loads” software developed by Griswold Tower Software and eSystem Training Solutions.

“The proper determination of safe working loads is absolutely pivotal to the continued safety of communication tower workers and it is incumbent on every employer in the tower industry to ensure their crews have the tools they need to rig their loads safely,” said Gordon Lyman, CEO of eSystem Training Solutions. 

“This software and the related videos are easy-to-use tools that can help save lives.” 

“The development of this tool has already helped many in the tower industry to understand the loads on their equipment and the forces applied to the supporting structure,” said Bill Griswold, president and chief engineer of Griswold Tower Software. “The format has been developed to keep the input and output logical and visual.  We hope to continue to expand the usefulness of this software and are always open to new ideas for its improvement.”

STAC sponsored the production of both videos in order to benefit professionals in the communication tower industry. This software, and accompanying videos are available free of charge at:

July 2, 2019

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