CCA Zaps Satellite Industry Plea to the FCC

Satellite operators want the FCC to relax its rules for satellite operations in the local multi-point distribution service (LMDS) spectrum so they can use more of that spectrum. The Competitive Carriers Association continues fighting against that, telling the agency doing so would harm wireless carriers.

Satellite companies such as Intelsat, SES Americom, Hughes Network Systems and EchoStar support a proposal originally put forth by Boeing to allow a low Earth orbit fixed satellite service to operate in the 37.5-42, 47.2-50.2, and 50.4-51.4 GHz range. Boeing proposed the FCC allocate and authorize more uplink spectrum in the 50.4-51.4 GHz and 51.4-52.4 GHz bands. That five gigahertz uplink spectrum block, paired with a downlink block in the 37.5-42.5 GHz band, “would enable very high data-rate V-band satellite broadband services in the near future,” Boeing and the other satellite providers told FCC officials last month. Next-generation broadband satellite systems can help bridge the digital divide, they told FCC officials in a lobbying meeting.

CCA opposes the satellite broadband operator’s proposals to relax rules adopted in the Spectrum Frontiers Report and Order that were designed to protect terrestrial mobile carrier use of LMDS spectrum. Carriers are already using LMDS spectrum to help bridge the digital divide, investing in engineering solutions now, the association told agency officials last week.  

“These carriers should not be hamstrung by satellite operations to introduce mobile services on those same frequencies,” CCA told the FCC. The association urged the Commission not to overlook incumbent operations and investment in the LMDS spectrum, noting that licensee’s rights “are already under assault.”

Further: “Given the rapid progress toward next-generation network deployment since the release of the Spectrum Frontiers Report and Order, the Commission should act promptly on CCA’s Petition for Reconsideration.” To encourage investment and correct what it calls a “glaring” allocation disparity between licensed and unlicensed spectrum, CCA asked the Commission to make available more mmW spectrum from exclusive wireless licensed use.  

May 9, 2017        


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