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What does it mean to truly “self-perform a service”? Centerline Solutions’ COO Dan McVaugh said that people don’t always “connect the dots” when he says that about one of the company’s value propositions. For instance, if there is a construction crew on a tower that notices some loose guy wires, Centerline can immediately bring in a structural engineer, analyze the situation, determine if it’s a safety problem, and immediately propose a solution, eliminating  the time spent putting a bid out to other structural engineers.


Centerline Solutions sees every design as an opportunity to push beyond the expected; to uncover new opportunities, provide turnkey solutions for RF design engineering; drive testing and benchmarking; regulatory compliance; site acquisition, A&E services; DAS, WiFi and small cells and more.  

McVaugh, who has more than two decades of leadership experience in wireless communications  is a founder of Golden, CO-based Centerline. He helped oversee the merger that created the company in 2011. McVaugh originally started a company with a partner in 2000, providing RF engineering services to the cellular industry.

“We did well for the carriers, and they asked us to do more and more, so we started adding site acquisition and A&E. Fast forward to 2011—we merged with a construction company, and it was at that point that we were self-performing. That’s when we rebranded as Centerline,” McVaugh said.

McVaugh noted that he and his partner grew up in the carrier industry as engineers and managers for various wireless carriers. They saw that carriers were always spending money, whether it’s capital projects or operational projects to optimize their networks. They built the company around the concept of supporting a wireless network through its whole life cycle, not just through capital projects.

“With wireless exploding across different industries, our expertise working for the wireless carriers has positioned us well to move into other industries such as rail, utilities and government,” he said.

Since perfecting its model in the Rocky Mountain region, Centerline has expanded to nine locations in eight states, most recently in Atlanta, GA.

“There’s enough opportunity there that it makes sense to expand. We’ve also had other opportunities where introduction of another company occurs and they have a similar set of core values and capabilities to us, so we’ve done an acquisition or two that way that brought in geographic growth,” McVaugh said. “Atlanta and Tampa were really a big addition for us because we didn’t really have any presence in the Southeast. That really helps give us a presence in every section of the U.S.”

McVaugh said that Centerline is able to have contracts and do work for hyper-competitive companies because it protects each of its clients’ projects and proprietary information.

“We’ve got a lot of really exciting projects; pretty much all of the wireless carriers have a lot of big projects going on that we’re involved with,” he said. “In general we’re really excited about projects we’re doing in the federal, state and local government space. Also, a lot of initiatives around bringing rural broadband and broadband to some areas of the country that we’re getting involved with.”

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By Alyssa Stahr

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