City Councilor Wants Answers When It Comes to 5G and Residents’ Health


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On January 21, Medford City Councilor Michael Mark made four motions before the city council that applied to 5G, reported Wicked Local. The first motion was to hold a public meeting regarding Verizon’s 5G tower upgrades, which include installing 44 small cells. The remainder were to advise the Massachusetts congressional delegation to file legislation amending the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and study the environmental and health effects of 5G towers, plus limit their proliferation until the effects are known.

“No one is against advancements in technology or new technology, but we are against moving forward without answers,” Mark said. “Our job is to ensure public safety. On behalf of our residents, we should proceed with caution.” 

All four motions passed, but many residents still have questions regarding health effects. Mark said, “Let’s do our homework and due diligence to see what we can find out. These things will be within yards of people’s homes.”

Wicked Local reported on the provisions Mark suggests, including setbacks from homes, hospitals and schools; indemnities to protect the city from liability; protections from visual blight through camouflage and lighting limits; requirements for structural analyses of existing or new poles for durability; removal of equipment obsolete and no longer in use and an independent study on health issues, all of which could be included in a host agreement.

One resident called 5G “deadly.” Another said, “It is every citizen’s right to have information that says whatever is outside their homes won’t hurt them.”  

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