Clyburn, Still Working, Calls Starks “Sharp” and “Committed”


UPDATE It may surprise readers to know that there are still five commissioners working at the FCC. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is still employed at the agency, just taking a lower profile since she announced she’d be stepping down. Inside Towers spoke with FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly about the situation at the recent Connect(X) show. In an interview, O’Rielly said Clyburn hasn’t officially left yet, and is “still voting on some things…here and there.” She has stopped participating in the monthly meetings. The South Carolina Democrat can remain at her post until her replacement is confirmed. She’s been mum on her future plans and exit date. Inside Towers contacted her office and had not heard back by presstime.   

Starks is set to fill the Democratic seat now occupied by Clyburn for a term to end in 2022, according to the White House. His nomination is expected to be considered in the coming months along with a new term for Republican Commissioner Brendan Carr.

Commissioner Clyburn congratulated Geoffrey Starks on his nomination, stating he’s “a sharp communications attorney committed to public service,” and wishing him the best in the Senate confirmation process. Fellow Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said Starks “will be a welcome addition” and she looks forward to working with him to advance the public interest and ensure that “everyone has access to modern communications and a fair shot at 21st century success.”

Commissioner O’Rielly added his kudos to Starks, noting that, “I know he will bring a new voice to important debates before the Commission. I look forward to getting to know him and working beside him in this new capacity, pending consideration of the nomination by the U.S. Senate.”

Associations added their congratulations as well. The National Association of Tower Erectors tweeted: “NATE congratulates Geoffrey Starks on being named by @POTUS to serve as an @FCC Commissioner. NATE and our member companies look forward to working with you!” NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association CEO Shirley Bloomfield said Stark’s FCC experience “and clear, long-standing commitment to public service will suit him well in tackling the range of important issues faced by the agency.” NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith said the broadcast association “strongly supports” the president’s nomination and endorses a swift confirmation process.

Published June 5, 2018

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