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Connected2Fiber is a SaaS platform provider with a guiding mission to use information and automation to help improve how network operators go to market. Founded in 2015 by Ben Edmond and headquartered in Milford, MA, Connected2Fiber focuses on helping infrastructure owners pinpoint the best locations in a market, understand the inventory, and share data.

Before founding the company, Edmond already had 20 years of industry experience. He believed that there had to be a better, more efficient way for telecom companies and connectivity businesses to collaborate. Instead of keeping data siloed in Excel spreadsheets with no standardization of reporting across companies, Edmond wanted to help the connectivity industries manage and exchange location information quickly, easily, and in real-time. 

Connected2Fiber went to work aggregating the many reporting formats used throughout the industry and created a “Rosetta Stone” … of sorts. Their platform is capable of translating data that one company uses into the format that’s functional for another company, via online conversion. Connected2Fiber also offers analytics intelligence with insights into the data and how companies can best utilize shared information to make better, future investment decisions. Connected2Fiber has three platform solutions. The Connected World is the heart and soul of the company. This platform is a “visualization engine,” presenting insight into how a particular network aligns with a specific market. Building List Manager fosters the sharing of location data and transparency within a specific market. The Building Intelligence Manager platform identifies tenants and the competitive environment of a specific location, helping a company determine whether a location is a worthy prospect. Together, these platforms allow Connected2Fiber to engage with wireless carriers, data centers, and companies in the small cell industry to make better, informed decisions by cataloging assets – including population density, growth, rate of return and more – within a market and providing access to “usable” information.

But is the sales acceleration platform worth it? Connected2Fiber has automated a 9-month data exchange process down to three minutes with their proprietary system. Their SaaS platform allows for operational savings and access to real-time information. Companies engaging with the platform are realizing remarkable returns on investment (ROI) within six-months of deployment, seeing a three to 12 percent uptick in revenue tied to data exchange.

Connected2Fiber initially focused on the domestic market but has organically engaged with international partners, desiring more transparency with their U.S. branches when it comes to connectivity. The organization plans to actively expand to a broader, international market by 2018.

So, what’s next for Connected2Fiber? With IoT and Smart Cities on the horizon, they’ll be busy helping with re-engineering existing networks to support the growth of these initiatives. They predict a standardization of how the industry shares data to reduce technology redundancies and foster more capital investment as IoT and Smart Cities complete deployment in the next decade.

By Keara Piekanski, Inside Towers

August 23, 2017     

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