County Supervisors Walk Fine Line with Wireless Regulations


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On Tuesday, The Lake County Board of Supervisors directed staff to draft changes to Article 71, “the county’s” regulations around wireless communications facilities, ”including matters regarding tower locations, small cells, and stricter setback requirements.”

Article 71 is still pending finalization and approval, but multiple supervisors want stronger regulations in place around telecommunications structures, reported the Record-Bee.

“Hopefully [telecommunications companies] will get the message that if you’re going to come in, find a position that we’re willing to support,” said District 1 Supervisor Moke Simon.

Per the Telecommunications Act, the county is limited when it comes to certain regulations of cell facilities. Several supervisors hope they can push the envelope although they do recognize their limitations, reported the Record-Bee. District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown said, “I’m happy to get what we can legally, without putting up a big expensive legal fight.”

According to County Counsel Anita Grant, stating the county’s preferences on where cell towers should go, “will not effectively prohibit a siting. But it certainly would streamline the location of a tower in a preferred site as opposed to one that’s not preferred. Time being money for cell companies, that may be very attractive to them,” she added.

June 28, 2019

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