CTI Towers Buys Cable One Tower Portfolio


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CTI Towers announced the acquisition of the entire tower portfolio of Cable One, Inc. The deal brings CTI’s tower portfolio to over 1,100 towers across the United States. The Cable One portfolio of approximately 110 towers is concentrated in the southwest and central areas of the country. 

“The Cable One tower portfolio is the perfect augmentation to our existing portfolio and further expands our geographic profile to 47 of the 48 states in the continental U.S.,” said CTI CEO Tony Peduto. “We are pleased the Cable One management team recognized that CTI understands prioritizing connectivity, and over the years has developed procedures to ensure that CTI’s customers are able to deploy without any disruption to its partners’ broadband deployment.”  

Cable One joins Comcast, Mediacom, Vyve Broadband, Inside Connect Cable and Sinclair Telecable as the most recent operator to transact with CTI. “Cable operators have been tremendous partners and understand broadband deployment comes in all forms,” Peduto said. “These providers are exploring their own wireless initiatives, whether it be through MVNOs, Fixed Wireless, WiFi or small cells, while offering broadband through their extensive fiber networks. As 5G services become readily available, we will be able to offer our tower and edge computing customers access to nearby fiber networks, minimizing capital deployment for delivering fiber to a tower site.” 

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