Dayton Joins the 5G Club


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Dayton, Ohio boasts the nicknames “Gem City” (for its diligent upkeep) and “The Birthplace of Aviation.” It can now add “5G Hub” to its claims to fame, reports the Dayton Business Journal. Dayton will be part of a seven city fiber network build-out announced by Everstream.

Everstream is a business-only fiber network with plans to add over 1,000 new route miles of fiber network connecting Ohio cities Dayton, Cincinnati and Cleveland to Indiana networks in Fort Wayne and South Bend, as well as the Kentucky cities of Lexington and Louisville. When complete, this should give Everstream over 3,000 total fiber miles in the Midwest. By the end of 2021, Everstream plans to install over 2,000 macro cell towers enabling 5G connections for business users.

“Everstream continues to cement its position as the premier fiber provider in the Midwest,” said Everstream President/CEO Brett Lindsey. “Demand for 5G services is just beginning and will require high-capacity fiber networks to support this growth. By architecting and building new fiber networks in these markets, we will help support the 5G initiatives of wireless carriers and serve enterprises for years to come.”

Over the next year, Everstream foresees spending $47 million to upgrade broadband services in its seven targeted cities. It has said it will construct numerous dense fiber networks in these cities, and expand their abilities by connecting them with other cities serviced by Everstream. The Everstream network contains 15,000 route miles of fiber, growing by two to three thousand additional route miles each year.  

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