Delaware Passes and Signs 5G Bill Into Law

The recent passage and signing of Delaware House Bill 189, “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Investment Act” drew accolades from wireless industry association sources like CTIA.  

“The wireless industry thanks Governor John Carney, Representative John L. Mitchell, Senator Nicole Poore, Senator Harris B. McDowell and Senator Brian Pettyjohn for their support of innovation with Delaware House Bill 189,” stated CTIA SVP External and State Affairs Jamie Hastings in the announcement.

“In Wilmington,” Hasting said, “Accenture estimates 5G could provide a $109 million boost to the economy.” The study also estimates that the industry will invest nearly $60 million in the city to deploy the networks.     

The bill reads:

The “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Investment Act” creates a new Chapter 16 of Title 17 that will accelerate investment in mobile broadband infrastructure and ready the State for the next wave of economic development in the digital economy. In recognition of the shift from landline to wireless communications, the Act authorizes wireless providers access to the State’s rights-of-way and establishes a Statewide policy for deployment of small wireless cells to meet the growing demand for wireless services which provide Delaware citizens with access to advanced technology, information and 911 services.”


Hastings added, “CTIA and its members also recognize the forward-thinking efforts of Deputy Secretary Nicole Majeski and Secretary Jennifer Cohan of the Delaware Department of Transportation. Their collaborative work will help bring next-generation 5G networks and the accompanying economic and civic benefits to the residents of Delaware.”

September 5, 2017


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