Digital Locations Completes Acquisition of SmallCellSite


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Digital Locations, Inc. (DLOC), a developer of cell tower sites, last week announced that it has completed the acquisition of (SmallCellSite), a source of more than 80,000 pre-qualified wireless cell sites. SmallCellSite has non-exclusive agreements with site owners in the U.S. to directly offer the use of their properties to network operators, such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, to build out their wireless networks.

SmallCellSite streamlines workflows and processes in cell site selection. With its interactive photos, maps, and detailed site information for more than 80,000 contracted properties, network carriers can select the real estate assets that best fit their needs from a list of willing property owners. 

SmallCellSite allows property owners to tap into a new source of revenue from digital tenants based on the location and profile of their properties, including buildings, poles, kiosks, billboards.

Bill Beifuss, the company’s President said, “The acquisition of SmallCellSite represents a great leap forward for Digital Locations. This will allow us to participate in an ongoing flow of 5G site rental income from partnered properties rented to great tenants – the major 5G wireless carriers.” Beifuss concluded, “True 5G coverage in the U.S. simply cannot occur without a massive buildout of at least 1,000,000 small cell sites. The acquisition of SmallCellSite gives us a leg up in the race. By partnering with property owners, we minimize the use of capital in a very capital-intensive industry. The leverage effect for Digital Locations can be enormous.”

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