DoD Partners with Perspecta Labs on $8.1M Worth of 5G Projects


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The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is partnering with Perspecta Labs on two contracts for 5G projects. The AirForce Times reported that one project is a smart warehouse at the Naval Base in Coronado, CA, and the other is spectrum sharing at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

The contracts, valued at $8.1 million, are part of the Pentagon’s plan to develop dual-use 5G capabilities at military installations nationwide. To support advanced military technology, the DoD requires 5G that provides fast, reliable wireless connections. 

In California, the objective is to build a smart warehouse using computers and automation to run more efficiently. Perspecta Labs will create an end-to-end security solution for 5G connections between devices and logistic servers, plus support IoT-connected devices. 

In Utah, Perspecta Labs will complete a dynamic spectrum sharing project. This will allow Air Force radars to share spectrum with 5G cellular services in the 3.1-3.45 GHz range, reported The AirForce Times.

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