Drake Lighting Inc.: Never Alone in the Dark


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Drake Lighting Inc. has a company mantra that keeps things simple, “Easy to Order, Easy to Handle, Easy to Install.” With over 60 years combined experience in the industry, the founders and professionals at Drake Lighting want to assist customers in finding the right solution with the best products for Aviation Obstruction Lighting. Their mission is to deliver products and services that are easy to order, install, and maintain.

Company co-founder David Shepeard and General Manager, Doug Jones each have 20+ years of industry experience with obstruction lighting plus are experts in FAA rules and regulations. According to Jones, “We’re self-proclaimed veterans of the industry.” And from that “veteran” experience, Drake Lighting was formed in 2014 as the exclusive North American distributor for the Canadian company Technostrobe, serving the telecom, broadcast, and wind industries.

Jones sees the company’s differentiator as one in the same as it’s mantra, “it’s all about easy and simple.” So how do they keep things uncomplicated? Drake Lighting uses a 2-wire design (black and white), #16 gauge, to operate their LED beacon, which makes it straightforward to install. “We really try to stay off the tower and do all our maintenance at ground level,” said Jones.

Drake Lighting has put time and effort into developing a product profile that can be maintained quickly and easily. The company focuses on new tower construction, offering a variety of solutions for every FAA type of lighting. They also only offer LED, since it’s the best solution for longevity, efficiency, and ease of maintenance. Additionally, Drake Lighting’s solutions have one component when other systems have 10-12. In this case, “less is more,” according to Jones.

Another benefit Drake Lighting passes along to customers is the ease of converting to an LED solution from xenon, for instance. Since they reuse the cable during installation, it makes a retrofit go quickly.

As for what’s new with Drake Lighting, they branched into services earlier this year and will continue expanding these offerings throughout 2018. These new services include lighting repair, aerial audits (using drones), mapping services, and inspection audit services. Additionally, Drake Lighting is always trying to streamline systems, offer innovative solutions, and figure out how to be more competitive from a cost standpoint.

For more information on Drake Lighting Inc. or to contact a representative, visit www.drakelighting.com/contacts/.

By Keara M. Piekanski, Inside Towers

December 21, 2017

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