Drone Pilots Get Testing Requirements Upped By the FAA


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Drone pilots who aspire to keep flying in 2020 are starting the year with some new requirements. As of January 13, the FAA has decreed that it, “will launch improvements to the way all applicants are tested for an FAA Airman Certificate. The upcoming Airman Knowledge Testing changes apply to all certified pilots of manned and unmanned aircraft.” 

Visitors to the FAA site will be asked to select which category describes them, and links will direct them on to further information. Categories include both amateur and professional operators. However, DroneRush.com explains the new rules do not apply to hobbyists. Drone pilots who are licensed under Part 107 Certifications, or who are commercially licensed, would be advised to read the new rules.

The test process itself has been updated and modernized, relying on administrator PSI Services to speed up the testing and certification issue process. The FAA will be able to monitor coordinated testing information and make adjustments going forward. 

One key recommendation from DroneRush.com: sign up for an Airman Certification and Rating Application account and get an FAA Tracking Number ahead of time. Individuals will need this information in order to take the test.   

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