Edge Consulting Engineers: Driven by Deadlines and Performance


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Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc. was founded by four leaders who are dedicated to the same philosophy: commitment to delivering reliable, comprehensive engineering services that exceed expectations. Since 2002, Kenneth C. Baumgardt, President, Arlen J. Ostreng, Vice President and Project Managers David C. Lyshek and Andrew B. Bradley, each with expertise in the telecommunications industry, have worked to make this company a success.

How do Edge’s leaders stay true to their philosophy and inculcate it among their 50 employees? According to Ostreng, they do an excellent job keeping up with clients and not taking on too much at one time – the entire company is deadline and performance driven. “Edge is focused on hitting the timelines and production that’s expected for every job. We steer away from taking on too many projects at once. We have amazing services, but we know that we can’t do everything for everyone,” said Ostreng.

Edge’s foundation rests on engineering services including civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental compliance. They’ve also branched out into support services including landscape architecture, cultural resources, tower climbing, maintenance and inspections plus UAS/drone services.   

What sets Edge apart? According to Ostreng, their service lines are more comprehensive compared to most. Since their tower climbing, maintenance, and inspection group is in-house, it’s easier to maintain quality on site – there’s more control. Additionally, Edge has recently added a UAS/drone services group to improve inspection work. Now, all tower climbers have drones at their disposal for safety reasons and to do their job more efficiently. Additionally, Edge is using drones for mapping, data collection, planning and more.

Edge’s clients within the telecom sector are primarily wireless carriers and public safety officials.  The company is an approved vendor with nearly all the major U.S. wireless carriers and Towercos. Since 2008, Edge has diversified its business from a geographic perspective, working with clients outside of its home-base in the upper midwest. Now they routinely serve areas beyond, including Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, and the Dakotas and will even have an impact on the upcoming Super Bowl. According to Ostreng, “Edge has been doing some exciting work with small cells in preparation for Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.”

What’s coming down the pike for the industry and Edge? Ostreng noted that work associated with 5G and FirstNet is going to be impactful for the company, generating more projects. “No one is parting with their cell phone anytime soon, so we’re always looking for new ways to participate in the wireless industry by integrating innovative technology for clients. Creating infrastructure, improving efficiencies with small cells, and helping communities see the benefits of wireless is important to us,” said Ostreng.

Edge Consulting has two offices near Madison, WI, and Minneapolis, MN. For more information about the company or to contact a representative, visit https://edgeconsult.com/.

By Keara M. Piekanski, Inside Towers

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