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eSystem Training Solutions (eSTS), formerly Safety LMSystems, was founded in 2009 by Gordon Lyman and Dominique Valdez to support safety and training in the telecommunications industry. The company’s mission is to provide job specific, web-based training to the mobile industry and overcome the two most common excuses for the lack of training – too expensive or not enough time. By offering flexible training at an affordable price, eSTS makes it accessible for those who need it most – the field technicians.

eSTS works with telecom companies of all sizes via its online Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS training offers affordable, on-demand, standardized courses for field tech personnel. Currently, eSTS works domestically and in Canada and has plans to offer its courses in Spanish soon.  

eSTS has a unique leadership story, headed by the father/daughter team of Lyman and Valdez. The cornerstone of the company lies in Lyman’s five decades of experience in the telecom industry. Hailing from Alberta, Canada and beginning as a tower climber after graduating high school, Lyman gained 20 years of experience before moving into management while simultaneously dedicating time to safety and standards writing. And the second-generation co-owner, Valdez, started her career in telecom in 2004. She has immersed herself in the telecom industry ever since, beginning as an office manager and quickly cultivating a focus on the safety requirements needed to keep crews safe on a daily basis.

The training journey began 20 years ago – before eSTS was even formed –  when Lyman identified a need for better field training. Over a two-year period, he dove into the OSHA requirements and began crafting training modules that are simple, easy to follow, and hands on. Since its formation in 2009, the company has evolved to offer online training and has continued to perfect and develop additional modules for almost a decade.

From a qualification standpoint, both Lyman and Valdez are dedicated to safety and training in the industry and are each members of various organizations to understand safety regulations and standards as well as enact requirements to keep climbers protected on the job. Lyman is a member of many professional organizations including the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Safety Council. He also participates in the fall protection committees for the CSA 259 in Canada and ANSI Z359 in the United States. Additionally, Lyman is active on the NATE/OSHA Relations Committee and participates in writing plus works with industry standard groups like OSHA, ASSE, ANSI, NATE and TIA on the development of new standards and regulations to improve the telecommunication tower industry. Lyman is also a member of the NWSA Tower Tech I and II Task Force and the new foreman task force committee.

Valdez is a member of the Safety and Education Committee with NATE and Workplace Health and Safety Committee with STAC. She also assisted in the creation of Climber 1 and Climber 2 training guidelines for STAC and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Educational/Instructional Technology.

Lyman and Valdez are both highly passionate about the services they provide for the industry. According to Valdez, “There are so many small companies and everyone is mobile. It’s so hard to get everyone in the same place, but with online courses, we can do important things for the industry, solving some of the bigger problems.”

And eSTS is doing just that. Offering affordable, on-demand training, eSTS is helping bring standardized courses to climbers so they can get certified, instead of relying solely on the on-the-job training typically provided. Lyman hopes the education eSTS offers can enable more field techs to obtain training. And with his five decades of experiences, Lyman commented, “I want to disperse the knowledge that I have, not keep it to myself.”

eSTS is very excited about the creation of the NWSA examination process and is developing an online course to support students seeking their credentials. Valdez noted, “This is what I love to do. Creating engaging and informative courses that meet the curriculum needs of our industry and help individuals grow in their positions.”  The course, available in September 2017, consists of:

  • An online course developed to cover skills and equipment use for tower technicians, helping them prepare for the Tower Tech I written and practical exams.
  • An online course rooted in the regulations and standards that exist regarding the skills and equipment used daily.
  • An electronic exam providing a trial-run for individuals who have not taken an electronic exam previously.


So how do you get started with an eSTS class? For individuals, simply sign up for courses via the website by creating an account, gaining access to courses immediately. Company accounts are also available for employers to group their personnel together, maintaining access to employee progress and training records online. There is a pay-per-use cost for courses with volume discounts available for large orders.

eSTS and Lyman see the future as a positive one, “My hope is that through training and education, eSTS can bring more professionalism to the industry and create a better work environment for those that are coming into the industry.”

August 31, 2017                 

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