Everything You Should Expect from a Structural Engineering Firm


A-Prime Engineering provides structural engineering, design, drafting, and inspection services to commercial, industrial and residential industries. Founded in 2013 by Dmitriy Albul, A-Prime Engineering began as a sub-contractor for other companies before growing into the innovative firm it is today.

“We started as a structural engineering company specializing in tower analysis, but quickly expanded into other services including rooftops, water tanks, billboards, designing enclosures, rooftop platforms, connections to buildings, mounts, and more,” said Albul, owner, structural engineer and certified tower climber.

A-Prime designs new towers and tower extensions for small fabricators and works on custom projects. They also design new tower foundations and tower reinforcements. A-Prime’s telecommunications services include:

  • Zoning and Construction Drawings
  • Specialty Structures Design
  • Structural Analysis of All Telecommunication Structures
  • New Foundation Design and Reinforcement
  • Structural Reinforcement Design
  • Reinforcement Fabrication Drawings
  • Telecom Structures Mapping
  • New Foundation Design and Reinforcement
  • New Mount and Support Design
  • Construction and Post Construction Inspections

A-Prime has a diverse client base including A&E firms that do not have a structural department, small cell phone companies who design their entire network from scratch, as well as major carriers. 

With close to two decades of experience, Albul added, “We do everything that is expected of a structural engineering firm in the telecom industry.” They also hold themselves to delivering the highest quality, providing the functionality clients require.

A-Prime Engineering’s success comes as a direct result of a company culture that values outstanding client service above all else. The company is also guided by their values of integrity, accountability, and mutual respect.

“We believe in continuous improvement, quality, and teamwork. These are the principles on which our firm is based and to which we adhere in fulfilling our duty and obligation to the public, our clients, and each other,” said Albul.

A-Prime Engineering is located in Western New York and primarily serves the Buffalo, NY region, Western New York, Eastern Pennsylvania and Ohio. For more information or to contact A-Prime Engineering, visit www.aprimeeng.com.

By Keara Piekanski, Inside Towers

July 9, 2018

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