FCC Can’t Vote, But Plans to Hold January Meeting


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The FCC has two plans in place for its scheduled January 30 monthly meeting. Whether or not the partial government shutdown ends and the agency can resume normal operations by January 29 determines which plan it will use. The situation is unprecedented, because a government shutdown has never lasted long enough to disrupt all the planned votes in the Commission’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting. 

Today is the 34th day of the shutdown.

Regardless of whether the shutdown ends by January 29, no votes will take place, because there hasn’t been enough time for staff and the Commissioners to work on the items that were previously announced for this meeting. An FCC spokesman confirmed to Inside Towers, the event would consist of “internal Commission matters.”

If the agency can get back to work by January 29, the January 30 meeting will be held at the FCC headquarters. If the shutdown has not ended by then, the meeting would be held by phone as a conference call. Meeting participants can listen to the meeting by calling 1-866-233-3841 and using pass code 463377. However the agency cautions call-in capacity may be limited if there’s a high volume of calls.  Comments? Email Us.

January 24, 2019

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