FCC Seeks Input on Backhaul Ops for Disasters


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UPDATE The FCC recently asked the major carriers how they’re implementing the Wireless Resiliency Cooperative Framework. The pact is a voluntary wireless industry commitment among carriers and others to help each other during and after natural disasters.

The carriers told the FCC in general, the pact is working well. 

However, they did suggest there could be more cooperation from utilities on the scenes of natural disasters to minimize unnecessary fiber cuts that drag out restoration. Carriers also advised obtaining real-time information from backhaul providers about how network restoration status could be improved. (See story above

The agency recently charged its new Disaster Response and Recovery Working Group of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee with developing best practices for coordination among wireless carriers, backhaul providers, and power companies during and after a disaster. The Commission now seeks input from the public. In a notice, the FCC asks how backhaul providers prevent network outages and challenges they face to maintain or restore network integrity during hurricanes.

What type of outage tracking is done, how do backhaul providers coordinate with their customers and how is information shared? the FCC asks. “Are there confidential, proprietary, security, or other concerns that would not support sharing of operational information between backhaul and wireless service providers? If so, how might these concerns be surmounted?” Comments to PS Docket 11-60 are due January 9.

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December 11, 2018

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