First Satellite Text Message Sent From Space to Unmodified Cell Phone


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UPDATE The first phone call from one room to another took place in 1876. The first satellite relayed text message was sent on February 24, 2020, reports AP News. Lynk made the announcement of the company’s successful transmission. The space call was made possible by Lynk’s “cell tower in the sky.” The technology uses low-Earth orbit nanosatellites which connect directly with unmodified mobile phones. View the event here.

Lynk co-founder and CEO Charles Miller stated, “This is a game-changer for the billions of people who own a mobile phone, for the billions who do not have affordable connectivity, and for the entire mobile communications industry. Lynk makes the impossible possible. In the near future, you will stay connected everywhere. All the time.” 

Being able to reach anyone at any time is a crucial requirement for Lynk’s planned “Everyone Everywhere Emergency” alerts. Part of the company’s mission is to reach the five billion people who have cell phones, but do not have universal wireless coverage. Now that Lynk has proven that their satellite system works, mobile broadband coverage should be available anywhere on Earth. This kind of outreach is both altruistic, and potentially very profitable, according to the AP.  

Lynk is expanding its satellite capabilities, having launched another “cell tower in space” as part of a SpaceX deployment earlier this month. This craft, named “Lynk the World” will be provided continued testing opportunities throughout the coming months. 

Investors and fellow industry bigwigs like Mark Foster of Blazar Ventures and Steve Case of Revolution both expressed their excitement about Lynk’s achievement.  Chairman and CEO Case said, “Connectivity changes lives and saves lives. Lynk’s successful test brings the company one step closer to providing the 2+ billion people around the world who live and work in rural communities with affordable connectivity and the immeasurable social and economic benefits that come with it.” 

Blazar Founding Partner Foster added, Lynk’s rapid prototyping and innovative space access strategies are a key part of their success, and we look forward to Lynk’s introduction of the world’s-first satellite-to-standard mobile phone service to tens-of-millions of people by the end of 2020.”  

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