FirstNet Cell Sites Launch In Rural Counties


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Rural Moore County (NC) and other areas of the state will soon receive purpose-built FirstNet cell sites and other network enhancements, bringing increased coverage, capacity, and capabilities to public safety teams. According to the Sandhills Sentinel, AT&T and FirstNet will provide coverage for Robbins and Seagrove communities along North Carolina Highway 705.

“Today, more than ever, it is critical for folks who live in small towns and rural communities to have access to the latest communications technology, just like their friends in large cities,” said state Sen. Tom McInnis. “That calls for an intentional, sustained investment of private capital.”

FirstNet gives first responders dedicated mobile broadband with unthrottled access to the nation’s fastest overall network experience. The service will help North Carolina’s public safety workers connect to the critical information they need, with “always-on access,” reported the Sentinel.

Seven other counties across the state also received FirstNet cell sites this year, including Alleghany, Ashe, Cleveland, Halifax, Northampton, Transylvania, and Warren. These areas were identified by state and public safety stakeholders as priority locations where first responders need connectivity. 

According to FirstNet Authority CEO Edward Parkinson, both companies worked with North Carolina’s public safety community to understand their network needs. Additionally, Trey Rabon, president, AT&T North Carolina, said FirstNet would bring the state’s first responders – and residents – greater access to the connectivity they need.

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