French Now Serving Up 5G Spectrum


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France is gambling on the appeal of 5G to generate cash as it begins to auction off available 5G spectrum. Up for auction are 11 unused blocks of spectrum that would allow telecoms to claim them for 5G transmissions. Interested bidders include Operators Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free, reports

The auction is expected to be a ten-day affair followed by a second auction to determine band position among the providers. Analysts speculate that bidding will be influenced by the waning presence of Huawei. Buyers looking to purchase 5G radio frequencies will have to factor in the cost of supporting networks and equipment. Without Huawei as a major player, suppliers like Nokia and Ericsson are likely to assume more of the market share for telecom components in France. 

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed his support in moving forward with 5G saying, “France is going to pursue the shift to 5G because it’s the shift towards innovation.” The government also stands to make a nice profit from the auction. Projections suggest the government could earn approximately US$2.6 billion. Development of 5G technology in France has been on hold for months as the country focused its attention on the pandemic. Macron has stated that he’s eager for France to get back on track.  

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