GatesAir Supplies UHF Transmitters for SCETV Repack


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GatesAir will supply Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitters to South Carolina Educational Television Commission (SCETV) in support of the public broadcaster’s state-wide repack initiatives. The PBS and NPR affiliate will move 10 stations to new channel assignments across four phases. More than half take place in Phase five. SCETV anticipates transmitter deliveries in the coming weeks, with testing to begin in early September.

SCETV chose Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled transmitters for its nine UHF stations. SCETV was also granted a fully maximized, high-power VHF channel assignment through the FCC for WNTV-DT in Greenville, and will work with GatesAir on a VHF solution, according to the manufacturer. 

“In addition to our goal of comfortably meeting repack deadlines, we are in the midst of a major energy-efficiency initiative to reduce our carbon footprint, and meet South Carolina’s energy-saving goals and objectives,” said SCETV VP Technology & CIO Mark Jahnke. “Considering the higher power levels of our stations along with South Carolina’s year-round hot and humid climate,” the broadcaster anticipates paying lower air-conditioning and electrical costs once GatesAir liquid-cooled transmission systems are operational.

GatesAir is also working with the SCETV team and antenna supplier Dielectric to avoid repack-caused disruption across their eight FM radio stations which are co-located on the broadcaster’s TV towers. SCETV joins other broadcast groups — such as Block Communications, Cordillera, Hearst Television, Heartland Media, Quincy Media, and Raycom Media — in committing to GatesAir for repack systems and/or services.

August 27, 2018