CBRS Alliance Targets Q4 OnGo Availability


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The CBRS Alliance formed a new working group focused on deployment and operations of its OnGo brand. Specifically, the group aims to identify, define and implement end-to-end deployment models and operational best practices for OnGo connectivity, including the interconnections between networks, network operators, and roaming hubs.

The CBRS Alliance believes that using shared spectrum LTE-based technology in the 3.5 GHz band can enable both in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity expansion on a large scale. The group targets the fourth quarter for commercialization of OnGo, it said in an announcement. 

The D&O Working Group will be chaired by Piyush Raj, Director Technology Innovation, American Tower and indoor wireless network provider Boingo Wireless CTO Dr. Derek Peterson. “The commercialization of OnGo is quickly approaching,” and the new working group will foster a conversation between end users, service providers and the technical working groups to ensure all needs are met as the technology continues to evolve to best meet industry demands,” noted Raj. Dr. Peterson stated: “Shared spectrum and private LTE will play a pivotal role in next generation wireless, underscoring the need for a work group that is focused on end-to-end CBRS deployments in real-world settings.”

The alliance predicts OnGo will be commercialized in the fourth quarter. The group is marking its two-year anniversary. Founded with six members, it now has 100.

August 27, 2018