GIANT Solutions Takes On the Big Projects


Two of many big projects GIANT has handled: Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania State Capitol

As its name suggests, GIANT Solutions makes a big difference integrating small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS). Eric Pankonin, Senior Vice President of Business Development at GIANT, says the engineering-based firm provides a greater level of expertise than comparable firms because of the team’s knowledge of their products.

“The two founders are electrical engineers who understand the technology,” he explained. The firm designs, consults, and implements systems from beginning to end, and continues to provide monitoring and maintenance after installation is completed. For the most part, clients call on GIANT because the quality of the work the company performs is attractive. The company does not operate a traditional marketing department, and Pankonin is pleased the business has developed with a focus on engineering and operations. Its offices, strategically located across the United States, are all within a short drive of the systems the firm monitors.

Pankonin said this level of service is crucial for customers. He said, “We are proactive. We don’t have surprises.” While GIANT is proactive with its clients’ equipment to prevent interruptions in service, other vendors on site may accidentally cause issues as they perform other types of maintenance. However, with facilities close at hand, GIANT ensures any problems are short-lived. Field technicians are knowledgeable, and stay in constant communication with engineers, to ensure a constant flow of communication.

State capitols, sports venues, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and even Times Square in New York City take advantage of the GIANT team’s expertise. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia was the site of a recent GIANT upgrade. The facility had an aging DAS system which operated with an alarming amount of failures. The GIANT website explains once initial designs were complete, the firm deployed “four teams of three technicians each with multiple engineers at the headend. Each crew would attack a different remote location, pull out the old equipment, install the new, and then work with the engineers at the headend to commission the equipment on the spot.” In addition to installing the equipment, GIANT also provides on-site monitoring during major events.

By Braden Hall, Inside Towers

May 5, 2017

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