HetNet Expo Kicks Off With Content Laden Programs

“HetNet Forum started as the DAS Forum. Everyone involved could fit in a little meeting room. And look what you’ve made it become!” said Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of WIA in his opening remarks yesterday.  “We’ve grown along with the industry,” Adelstein said. “We evolved from only DAS to DAS, small cells and the whole HetNet. And we are focused on what counts to grow your business.”

Adelstein told his audience, wireless connectivity is improving the delivery of health care. It’s revolutionizing transportation. “It’s transforming education. It’s driving overall economic development. And we’re helping create smarter communities, machine-to-machine communications, and the Internet of Things,” he said. “And 5G will put it all on steroids.”

“We like what we’ve heard from the Trump Administration on infrastructure,” Adelstein said. “We’re working with his staff on their plans for a major infrastructure initiative. Nobody knows yet how that will be rolled out, or if it will really get enacted. But if it does, there’s a growing consensus in both the Administration and Congress that wireless infrastructure should be included.”

The conference concludes today.

Panels include:

  • State Legislation and FCC Reform: An Update on Small Cell Siting
  • Infrastructure: The Cornerstone of Smart Cities and Communities
  • How FirstNet Will Impact and Improve Existing and Future In-Building Public Safety Radio Systems
  • Coming to a Street Corner Near You: Mobile Densification and C-RAN
  • Is Wireless the Fourth Utility: Connectivity in Commercial Real Estate
  • Can Wireless Coverage Keep Your Buildings Full?
  • Connectivity: Hospitality’s Newest Concierge
  • Intelligent Transport: Driving the Future

For the full schedule details, click here. To view the HetNet video, click here

October 11, 2017   


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