More House Dems Eager to Get FCC on 2019 Calendar


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House Democrats are looking to get FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on their dance card in 2019. Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA), who wants to chair the House Energy and Commerce telecom subcommittee, outlined plans for FCC oversight hearings. He said Democrats “want to start getting [the FCC] on their schedule early,” Inside Towers reported.

Now, Democrats on the House Small Business Committee are also signaling they intend to summon Chairman Pai to the Hill once they take control of the panel. The schedule is still being formed, however Democrats are interested in hearing from the Chairman and examining how this Administration’s telecommunications policies affect entrepreneurship and innovation,” a committee spokesman told Politico

Republican Chairman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) originally wanted Pai in for a hearing on October 2, but it was postponed. Republican staff now say Pai’s obligations prevent rescheduling the hearing in the lame-duck session.

Since being designated Chair in January 2017, Pai has been systematically reversing many of previous Chairman Tom Wheeler’s telecom policies. With the House majority, Democrats will have greater say on any oversight hearing agenda, and are likely to take a harder look at Pai’s deregulatory policies. Comments? Email us

November 27, 2018