IBM Urges Telecom Industry to “Cloudify” Its Infrastructure


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Interactive Artificial Intelligence construct, Watson, is always learning. Having tackled the processing speed required to solve questions about Potpourri and Presidents when it was unveiled on the game show Jeopardy a few years ago, Watson AIOps is now ready to take on 5G and edge computing, reports

Hillery Hunter, IBM Fellow, CTO IBM Cloud, spoke of the need for telecommunication providers to “cloudify” their infrastructure. “If you’re doing edge computing it is essential you have a platform that scales to thousands of nodes. It also needs to be a platform that can handle disruptions and protect sensitive information,” she said. Watson AIOps is designed to work with Red Hat OpenShift and coordinates with IT monitoring tools like Mattermost and ServiceNow with additional features that link to tools like Slack and Box. 

“I want IBM-ers to lead with a more technical approach. I want our teams to showcase the value of our solutions as early as possible. Likewise, there must be a relentless focus on quality. Our products must speak for themselves in terms of user experience, design and ease of use,” said IBM CEO Arvind Krishna.

Watson AIOps has the technical capacity to process a constant flux of data at streamlined 5G speeds. For example, automated call centers are able to use IBM Watson Assistant to help handle call center traffic. A built-in autolearning feature “remembers” prior customer interactions and adds to its gathered knowledge to provide up to date answers.  

IBM has stated that it aims to bring this level of automated interaction to healthcare and transportation platforms that need the quick response time offered by edge computing and 5G delivery. Edge Application Manager is a new program that can manage up to 10,000 edge nodes through just one administrator. And new offering IBM Telco Network Cloud Ecosystem was designed to unite equipment manufacturers, IT, networking and software vendors who share similar 5G and edge processing needs. 

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