Iconic Istanbul Tower Houses 100 FM Radio Channels


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Dominating the skyline of the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey is the 1,200-foot Camlica Tower that not only embodies the cutting edge in design but in transmitter efficiency as well. The tower houses restaurants, a hotel and retail in addition to 100 liquid-cooled Rohde & Schwarz FM transmitters. 

According to Rohde & Schwarz, it is the world’s first single-site delivering transmission of 100 FM radio channels, a feat, they say, was considered impossible to achieve by other providers. The site developers, Kule Verici Tesisleri Isletim Ve Teknolojileri A.S., chose Rohde & Schwarz to deliver the goods. The R&S®THR9 high power FM radio transmitters installed within the iconic tower, are replacing more than 30 legacy street level transmitter towers.  

“Rohde & Schwarz’s design team has saved space thanks to THR9’s small footprint,” said a representative of PTT KULE Inc., “and day-to-day operation is simplified because of the modular configuration and flexible operation concept. The system is almost maintenance free thanks to its liquid cooling system, while better frequency occupation and clean spectral density allows us to cover the entire city with lower output power.” 

Transmitting all 100 radio channels in the same infrastructure enables the tower owner to provide consistent high quality broadcast services as standard to all of its broadcaster customers. Importantly, Rohde & Schwarz will provide on-going post-sales technical and operational support to the project, to ensure that the high professional standards are maintained throughout the operational life of the tower.

Rohde & Schwarz’s approach to the Camlica Tower project is based on E5 – Efficiency of the Power of Five. Efficiency in energy relates to minimum power consumption, creating cost savings over the system’s operational lifetime. Efficiency in space refers to Rohde & Schwarz’s ability to integrate several transmitters and additional components in one equipment rack. 

Taner Demir, Managing Director of Rohde & Schwarz Turkey called the system “very clean” in a variety of ways. “Clean for the environment through industry leading power efficiency leading to unprecedented low carbon emissions,” he said, “Clean frequency spectrum thanks to high quality signal modulation and transmission. And a clean city panorama since we have removed more than 30 transmitter towers from the skyline and integrated it into one stunning new landmark.”

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