Iconic Union Terminal in Cincinnati Goes Wireless With 123 Antennas


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As part of a $228 million restoration project on Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, an art deco landmark built in 1933, a state-of-the art wireless system was needed to bring it into the present day. Connectivity Wireless and Neutral Connect Networks were brought on board to install the system throughout the former train station, now dubbed the Cincinnati Museum Center. The complex draws 1.4 million visitors per year. The goal: make it a ‘smart museum.’

“Patterns show that investing in technologies that enable mobile, digital engagement stand to meaningfully improve the visitor experience as well as business operations,” said Stephen Bye, CEO of Connectivity Wireless and Neutral Connect Networks. “Union Terminal’s action toward creating a mobily-connected environment is a foundation that will help usher in the ‘smart building’ reality.”

Bye’s companies installed a neutral host, fiber-deep solution that enables seamless cellular voice coverage and fast data connections for mobile device users. “By installing the system, our primary goals were to extend reliable cellular coverage throughout the six-story facility for employees and tenants and to ensure guest satisfaction,” said David Zlatic, Chief Technology Officer, Mercury Museum Services, a subsidiary of Cincinnati Museum Center.

“The converged network infrastructure installed at Union Terminal provides a glimpse into the future of connectivity which we see being leveraged throughout all buildings, across all industries, throughout the nation,” Bye told Inside Towers. “Today, this in-building fiber based system is future-ready and we are on the precipice of even greater and more exciting technologies that have yet to make it into the everyday arena. Our intention is to help our customers’ transition into an IoT-driven reality as seamlessly as possible.”

Mercury Museum Services is leading the implementation of Union Terminal’s technology infrastructure. The multi-carrier, Corning ONE solution was installed within four months and currently supports cellular and PON, leveraging 123 RAUs and 123 antennas to provide ubiquitous wireless connectivity throughout the complex.

July 31, 2019

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