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iesIES Technologies boasts more than 30 years of collective staff industry experience in industrial automation and RF communication solutions to the oil and gas, water, wastewater and solar energy markets. Other services include tower construction, consignment and more, with a focus in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The company is founded on principles such as integrity, economic value, and commitment to quality and customer support. According to the company’s website, IES promotes solutions based on the concepts of teamwork and bringing together a collection of expert industry resources to design and provide state-of-the-art, application specific solutions to automation and process control users in the Rockies.

IES’ services range from the local well pad I/O, through the field SCADA network, and into the high speed backhaul networks. The staff will design, build and service your communications infrastructure.  

Reagan Rupard of IES said that the company has watched the industry grow and become more quality oriented.

“We started the company as a result of no radio specialists in our area, and thus the quality of install was poor, and the service was non-existent. By providing an engineered solution, a quality install, and long-term service when needed, our customers have realized more reliable networks and lower total costs,” she said.

By leveraging some of the trends and lessons learned from the “carrier” grade telecom world, and bringing that expertise to private networks and even into the SCADA systems, IES has lowered the communications disruptions and the resulting service calls.

Goals for the remainder of 2016 include widening target markets and diversifying away from oil and gas.

“Our history has been oil and gas, but with the down turn in 2015, it’s taking a toll on our customers’ projects,” Rupard said. “Through 2015, we stayed pretty steady, completing projects that had been approved and provisioned before the oil down turn, but as we march through 2016, the budgets and project lists that were set during 2015 are drastically reduced. A main focus of our customers is we need ‘xyz’ – how can you design and build it in the most efficient way possible?”

Rupard said that the company is working to expand into government, public safety, wireless internet service providers and security.

“Building a tower portfolio in a region that is growing by leaps and bounds is another avenue, ensuring the towers and possible tower locations are preserved before all of the area is built up,” she said.

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By Alyssa Stahr

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