It’s a Love/Hate Thing For Nine Towers Going Up in Fort Collins


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Fort Collins will be adding towers and small cells to provide better service in the area and it’s a love/hate relationship according to residents, reported the Coloradoan. The residents want better service, but they don’t love the infrastructure…and carriers are trying to find a happy medium.

There are currently nine proposed wireless facilities going through some level of development review in Fort Collins, said Clay Frickey, a city planner. 

Several others have been recently approved, are under construction or going through the process of obtaining building permits. Projects range from a 75-foot monopine to small cells hidden in church bell towers.

Tower projects in the city and Larimar County tend to provoke the most response from the public. Residents worry about the impact towers have on property values, views and public health, reported the Coloradoan.  

For the carriers, staying ahead of demand for better cellular coverage and faster speeds is a challenge, said Steve Van Dinter, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless. That’s why Verizon and other carriers build a mixture of facilities, he said, as they address the paradox of “ever-increasing demand from customers for better service but not additional equipment.”

Fort Collins recently approved regulations for small cell facilities installed on light poles and other structures within public right-of-ways. Additionally, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T recently upgraded their networks in the Fort Collins area, the companies stated in emails to the Coloradoan. The carriers also emphasized the importance of having coverage that meets the needs of emergency services as well as commercial and residential customers.  Comments? Email Us.

February 12, 2019

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