Kitten Trapped in Cell Tower Conduit Rescued by Good Samaritans


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In Phoenix, a 5-week old kitten was trapped 33-feet underground in a cell tower conduit but was saved with help from some good samaritans. KSAZ-TV reported a woman heard the kitten crying and the Humane Animal Rescue Trapping Team (HARTT), along with local plumbers, came to the rescue.

“The kitten was completely inaccessible underground, and that started the process of contacting a number of companies,” said Cheryl Naumann, founder of HARTT.

One company, Sprint, the owner of the tower, confirmed that the conduit was a dead line, and the kitten could be saved. The rescue process took five hours and thousands of dollars in donated person-hours and equipment, reported KSAZ-TV.

“The moment that kitten came out of the ground, it was just a miracle,” Naumann said. She added that a loving family is fostering the kitten.

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