Lawmakers Lobby for 5G Infrastructure


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State legislators in New Mexico are proposing a bill to streamline the installation of small cells in public rights-of-way to prepare for the arrival of 5G, according to The NM Political Report.

Sen. Jacob Candelaria of Albuquerque, co-sponsor of the legislation, said, “We are seeking to remove obstacles for wireless broadband investment and accelerate the deployment of new technology in communities across the state to give New Mexicans the service they want and need.” 

The proposed Wireless Consumer Advanced Infrastructure Investment Act is meant to accelerate internet speeds and enhance the state’s broadband capacity, but there are detractors. Some residents are opposed to the bill due to concerns around radiofrequency waves and the potential number of nodes that might appear on traffic lights and utility poles. Additionally, backlash regarding a recent emergency proclamation by the mayor that allowed Verizon Wireless to install temporary telecommunication facilities on city structures is expected to resurface.

However, Sen. Candace Gould referenced public safety as a rationale for the state legislation, saying she had heard from law enforcement personnel who complained of dropped calls. As a next step, the proposal will require the governor’s approval.

January 16, 2018   

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