LETS: Engineering Design and Data Analytics For the Telecom Industry


LETS America Inc. is a multidisciplinary engineering design and data analytics consulting company that’s been exclusively working with the telecom industry and on utility infrastructure engineering projects since 2010. Beginning as Luminous Engineering and Technology Services in 2004, they have extensive experience with structural analysis and construction drawings. LETS’ U.S. headquarters is in Chandler, AZ, employing a 25-person engineering team who is licensed in all the lower 49 states as structural engineers.

Prabhu Mohapatra, Ph.D., President/CEO, and entrepreneur, has worked to bring customers cost effective and reliable solutions regarding engineering – including Structural Modification and Reinforcement Design for towers along with Structural Engineering Analysis. LETS has a telecom and wireless group dedicated to construction engineering and design (A&E services) for towers and small cells. According to Mohapatra, “I want to make LETS like the Intel of A&E and purely focus on the current movement of infrastructure, growing within that realm.” 

“What sets LETS apart is that all drafting is completed by engineers and architects and the company also has a quality control (QC) team of industrial engineers dedicated to delivering excellence,” Mohapatra said.  “LETS provides these services to the telecom industry in a cost-effective and scalable manner, allowing clients to achieve growth quickly with optimized plans.”  Mohapatra had a vision for the company, building a team of academic professionals; he “believed in the academic approach…and it’s working.”

Two notable members of the team include Ron Toler, Director of Business Development , who has over 25 years of experience with telecom infrastructure and Madhan Kumar, Director of Engineering with over 15 years of expertise in Structural Engineering and construction management.

LETS partners with tower and construction development companies – both bigger players and smaller ones – to focus on client communication to deliver accurate designs on time and on budget. LETS has done work for Crown Castle, American Tower, Black & Veatch, Mastec and indirectly for carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

LETS works on understanding the unique needs of each partner on every project and produces deliverables like structural modes, small cell sites, construction drawings, site drawings, and has built zoning drawings quickly and accurately. LETS prides itself on a “faster than usual” turnaround approach to engineering and architecture to keep its clients moving forward with their building plans.

So, what does LETS see as the wave of the future? With the shift to preparing for 5G, IoT and “Smart Cities,” LETS is creating drawings every week for small cell projects. Although there will always be a place for macro cells, the demand for small cells to improve connectivity, especially with the average person having seven connected devices, is a reality. LETS expects small cells to be an integral part of wireless – and their daily work – for the foreseeable future.  

According to Mohapatra, “Everything is going to go wireless and bandwidth demands are going to drive the industry.” From his point of view as a scientist, Mohapatra commented that “American ingenuity is beyond compare. The USA is going to become an investment hub in the next 5-10 years…and is going to rule the world when it comes to telecom.”

By Keara Piekanski, Inside Towers

August 18, 2017                 

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