In Lihue, “Pineapple” Tower Nixed in Favor of Clock Tower

Verizon’s ongoing project to build a 50-foot cell tower should be completed before summer, much to the support from local residents in the community who have cheered the project as a win-win for Verizon and themselves, reports The Garden Island.

The manager of Tip Top Café, a restaurant in Lihue, Hawaii, is leasing out space to Verizon to build the 50-foot clock tower. The café manager said after discussing the project with Verizon, he determined it would be good for the community.

“After we talked to them and they discussed the safety of it and how it’s going to be disguised, we said it would be a good fit for us,” Jonathan Ota told The Garden Island. “I think the vision of Lihue town is more of a walking town, so it will be good for the people who walk around.” 

Ota praised the ingenuity of the Planning Department and Historical Society who came up with the concept of the clock tower.

“There were a lot of different suggestions like a pineapple tower, but the clock tower was the best. We really pushed for that,” Ota said.

One resident described the structure as a potential “landmark,” highlighting the way in which the structure blends with the surrounding historical district.

“It will probably end up looking like a landmark when it’s completed,” Charles Guadiz told The Garden Island. “People can see it from Kukui Grove and one said he could see it from Kilohana. I think it’s good.”

March 17, 2017   


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